Digital Transformation for Visitor Experience

Bringing state-of-the-art technology, data-driven strategy and years of experience together to create impactful journeys for our clients and their customers.

Next-generation Software Products

Our user-friendly products are light weight, easy to use, and quick to adopt. By using React Native as a cross-platform solution and our proprietary framework of offerings, we make it both cost & labor efficient to acquire products that enhance visitor experience.

App Design & Development

We make web and mobile apps that are user-friendly & effective. Our technology can seamlessly provide your visitors multimedia content, indoor/outdoor navigation, ticketing, retail and more.

Dashboard and Internal Software

You can expect the internal technology we build for you to be as beautiful as what we build for your users. Our dashboards offer an out-of-the-box user interface for getting data into your apps, managing your multimedia content and pushing notifications to your users.

Indoor & Outdoor Navigation

With our proprietary navigation technologies, you can attach multimedia content to physical locations within your space. By offering visitors a seamless and intuitive way to access information relative to their own location, we can help you offer your visitors the kinds of location-based experiences they have come to expect.

Digital Transformation

Visitor experience begins well before your users arrive. Want a beautiful website that shows your visitors who you are? Want to create a social media presence that celebrates what you're doing? We do that, too. We want your visitor experience to be like love at first sight.

Data-driven Strategies

Take the guess work out of operational decisions, and develop strategies tailored to your what your users want.

Strategic Consulting

Get recommendations derived from our experience & the data our technology exposes which will help grow revenues, reduce operating costs, and support actionable, long-term plans.

Content Development & Production

Nurture audience connections through fresh, engaging, multi-platform content.

Web Design

Have an online presence that reflects your clients’ identities and makes learning about your organization both simple and exciting.

Explore our case studies

Navigating the MIX30 Festival

A Lighter, More Intuitive Dashboard

We understand that our clients need functionality and customization when it
comes to managing content—but not all content management systems hit the spot.
That’s why we developed our own dashboard. It’s easy to use and can be tailored to fit the needs of each organization, so our clients can focus on their operational priorities.

Simplifying Property Management

URBN Playground was looking to disrupt the property management industry.
They saw the surge in amenity-rich buildings as a perfect opportunity to act. Their idea for a white label app enables property managers to offer their residents the ability to book spaces, manage amenities and payments, and track packages—and to do so in a way that elevates the experience for tenants and employees alike.

Our Team

Cat Dawson
Cat Dawson
Co-founder, Managing Partner
  • PhD, Visual Studies
  • MBA, IE Business School
  • 10+ years of experience in operations, strategy, and the arts.
Gabriel DeFazio
Gabriel DeFazio
Co-founder, Head of Engineering
  • Fullstack Software Engineer
  • Creative problem solver with an eye for design.
Caroline Mullen
Caroline Mullen
Content Strategy Lead
  • Experienced content & marketing strategist
  • Focused on user experience.
Joseph Ligotti
Joseph Ligotti
Creative Director
  • Experienced Art Director & Producer
  • Proficient in broad array of design software.
Molly Moran
Molly Moran
Web Design and Development Lead
  • 15+ years of experience in web design and operations
  • Specializes in non-profits.

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